Santa’s in a bad mood, and a huge snowstorm is coming! But the good people of Airport City are ready for anything. Find the way to reduce the snow drifts, gather festive collections and take special flights to get the great Snow Fort!
You can exchange Candy Canes for the Christmas Fair, Candy Mansion, Festive Flowerbed and other buildings at the special store. Even if the pre-holiday fuss has worn you out, there's always a place where you can feel the magic of Christmas!


Unlimited Money : Increase
Unlimited Coins : Increase

Airport City

Airport town may be a term for Associate in Nursing “inside the fence” airfield space as well as the airfield (terminals, apron, and runways) and on-airport businesses like air wares, logistics, offices,retail, and hotels. The airfield town is at the core of the aerotropolis, a brand new urban type evolving around several major airports.

✔ gorgeous graphics and high-quality sounds accompany each action
✔ Easy-to-use interface and gripping gameplay
✔ Intuitive tutorial and facilitate options
✔ legion colourful characters, every with their own distinctive story
✔ Dozens of economic and residential buildings still as decorations create airfield town one in every of the simplest building games for youths.
✔ No advertisements

Build your own personal airfield and send many flights into the sky!

Airport town is beginning in 2 exciting modes: you get the prospect to make a contemporary airfield, and build a town to support it. It’s not one in every of your average fun strategy games. It’s a true life simulation game and more!
While you’re managing your airfield, flights are traveling to each corner of the world. you’ll meet fascinating characters and complete collections of exotic things from round the world.
Like most town building games, airfield town offers a gradual and exciting quest-driven plot line. As you build a town, the sport can reward you and challenge you at constant time. you’ll have to be compelled to arrange ahead, watch your resources and outline priorities similar to in classic strategy games.

– Build hangars and runways
– Send planes to the way corners of the world
– Increase your level to unlock new destinations and purchase new varieties of craft
– Import rare things from far lands
– Complete collections and exchange them for bonuses
– Get exclusive gifts as rewards for passing themed quests
– Build your own distinctive jet-setter town
– Collect profits from industrial buildings and upgrade the infrastructure of your metropolis