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  • ACR Phone
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  • Android 7.0 and up

Are you tired of spam reminders and advertising phone numbers constantly bothering you while working? Even though you’ve tried everything to refuse, you still keep receiving annoying calls that make you even want to remove your current SIM card just to free yourself from them. Just stay calm, there’s nothing you can’t solve, you just don’t know how! Download the ACR Phone app now to your device and spam calls and messages will no longer harass you!

About ACR Phone

ACR Phone is a unique and useful application that can replace your default dialer. Not only does it protect your personal information, the application will also help you maximum in blocking other spam calls or messages that can disturb your phone. Faced with the hassle and security risks of unwanted calls and messages, ACR Phone will be the most effective solution that you can trust.

Quick call

ACR Phone’s Quick Call, also known as Auto Dialer, is a useful tool for you to call frequently contacted people without entering their phone number. This feature starts by providing quick search capabilities in contacts. You can save important phone numbers like your father, mother, wife, lover or anyone you frequently contact to create a shortcut to call them.

Block spam calls

ACR Phone provides a tight security system to block spam calls that negatively affect your life. Accordingly, ACR Phone helps eliminate unwanted calls from unknown numbers or from sources that have been identified as annoying. You can freely set up a block list, add or remove phone numbers easily. You can add any unwanted number from your call log, contact list or enter the number manually. The system also provides the option to automatically block calls that have a high risk of being spam calls.

Block unwanted messages

Frequent advertising or harassing messages are a problem that many people encounter. They are just as frustrating as spam calls. Even if your SIM is in their sights, you will be mentally terrorized by the density of sending spam messages. However, the message blocking feature in ACR Phone will help you filter and prevent spam messages from unwanted sources.

You can customize your settings to block messages from specific phone numbers, from certain keywords, or even from unknown sources (meaning numbers you don’t save won’t be able to send messages to you). This ensures that your inbox will be kept clean and you won’t be bombarded with annoying information.

New stylish dialer

ACR Phone can replace the default dialer on your phone and it has some interface upgrades as well as some other features. Specifically, when dialing, ACR Phone’s dialer provides detailed information about the contact such as image, name and other related information. This way, you will quickly and accurately identify the subject of the call before pressing the call button. This information is also useful in verifying and interacting with contacts effectively.

In addition, the dialer’s interface is designed very differently and has its own uniqueness. You can optionally change the application’s interface to a dark or light theme as desired. When entering a call, instead of a black cover photo as usual, ACR Phone proactively integrates beautiful photos such as charming landscapes to make the call more interesting.


Privacy is one of the most important factors when users choose to use an application. That’s why ACR Phone not only focuses on providing convenient features but also puts the protection of personal information first. The application commits not to share users’ personal information with any third parties without the user’s express consent.

This protects you from the potential risk of third parties using user data for other purposes. Regardless of the call list, contacts, messages and of course the conversation content are encrypted so that only you and yourself can know them.

MOD APK version of ACR Phone

MOD feature

Pro Unlocked

Download ACR Phone MOD APK for Android

Say goodbye to unwanted troubles surrounding spam phone numbers because with ACR Phone in hand, you can proactively prevent them. Along with other effective features to improve user experience in calling applications, ACR Phone deserves to be more popular in 2024.